Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Goals 101"

So, most people set goals, have new years resolutions, vow to do this or that. And then a fair amount of those people fall short and end up breaking those resolutions and the goals go down the toilet. I have been one of those people. I think we all have been or know someone that has done this. Its really very easy to go back to same ole routines, back in the comfort zone that made us unmotivated, tired, weak and just down right lazy... I've heard many people say that when the pain gets bad enough, people will make the change. That pain and unhappiness can be the greatest motivator. I took a little hiates from Crossfit. Only to find that there wasn't anything that I could do or try that could compare to the results and rewards that I received from this amazing program. Oh I tried to talk myself into thinking that I could just go over to the nearby rec center or gym and get on a treadmill and run a couple miles or do some version of a crossfit workout on my own. Uh, I was totally lying to myself. And cheating myself out of getting the full experience that only crossfit has to offer. So, I made my way back. Changed up the schedule a bit that will better work with the other things I'm committed too. And I'm pumped to get back at it and chase my goals. I'm committed to making changes in my overall fitness. I'm excited to see the transformation and changes in my mind and body. I think maybe it took a little bit (month) away to realize what works for me and what doesn't. Its important to me that I maintain my health and its necessary for all of us to set goals and do what we can to achieve them. There is greatness in everyone. There is strength and determination in everyone. You just have to show up.....

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  1. I feel you on this one! Last year I took a couple of months to crossfit on my own...pathetic! I got my backside into a box as soon as possible and haven't looked back since. Nothing compares to the results and highs of Crossfit!